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Feb. 1st, 2012


EDIT: I tried another restore point, which was successful. Sims is loading now so fingers crossed!

"The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present."

I can't open any executable files on my computer. I tried opening in safe mode, using system restore, running the system file checker and chkdsk through the command prompt, but nothing is working! I don't even know what is wrong really. And I know it sounds silly, but I really don't want to lose my sims info. I've been playing Belladonna Cove for 4 generations, and I would hate to lose all that.

Anyway, has anyone ever seen this message or does anyone know what it means?

Jan. 25th, 2012

Pictures & lj frustration

I posted some pictures of one of my favorite families but I don't think they ended up on my friends page, so here is the link.

Some Pics

One of my favorite families living in one of my favorite houses. :D

snip snip snipCollapse )

Sep. 26th, 2011

Riley/Patin Family Master Post

Gen 1: Timothy Riley
Gen 2: Sally Riley, married to Bubbe Patin by bunheadsbuns
Gen 3: Olivia, married to Marty by alfredaskew; Maeve, married to Anders by pixelcurious
Gen 4: Moyra, Mairenn, and Cliona; Sean and Samantha


Patel Family Master Post

Gen 1: Ramir and Ana
Gen 2: Maliyah and Sanjay (downloaded from maxis_taste)
Gen 3: Mado (married to Priya, downloaded from maxis_taste), Keesa (married to a sim I call Petchy, made by petchy14 at Bodyshopped Sims), and Taline (married to Ajay, downloaded from maxis_taste)
Gen 4: Haverford, Abha, Shireen, Abi, Meera, and Dinesh; Maida and Maliyah; Rohit, Priti, and Karishma

Sep. 19th, 2011

Weir/Faust Family Master Post

HUUUGE family! The Weirs became the Fausts in Gen 1, as Connor took Holly's last name.

Gen 1: Connor, married to Holly by sixamsims
Gen 2: Caleb, who had babies with a bunch of ladies, and Pasha, married to Alfredo by lemon_lime35
Gen 3: Juroden (married to Ivory by tokaras), Kiara (married to Bodach by ??), Martha (married to Louis by sixamsims), Rostam (married to Kella by kathsy), Bryant, and Tapio (married to Nivae by 0ptimistiic); Fidda (married to Jaimie by alleliua) and Calypsa (married to Kyle by sixamsims)
Gen 4: for Caleb's granchildren, see the cut below. Fidda's daughter is named Pasha.

Read more...Collapse )

top: Caleb and Demure by boolpropbea
middle: Juroden and Ivory by [info]tokaras
bottom: Fiona, Kristine, and Graham

top: Caleb and Luna by slyndsey
middle: Kiara and Bodach by ??
bottom: Malik, Donna, and Mariah

top: Caleb and Dagmar by pixelcurious
middle: Martha and Louis by sixamsims
bottom: Camryn, Lawrence, and Jamar

top: Caleb and Iodine by brilliantcat
middle: Rostam and Kella by kathsy
bottom: Tara, Courtney, and Julian

Bryant doesn't havea family tree yet- he's a romance sim.

top: Caleb and Tara by alleliua at thetreehousesim
middle: Tapio and Nivae by [info]0ptimistiic
bottom: Riley and Dina


DeBateau Family Master Post

Gen 1: Armand
Gen 2: Tara, married to Jeremy by alfredaskew
Gen 3: Deidre, married to Halo by alfredaskew; Melanie, married to Slapstick by charterzard; Jocques, married to Albina by
Gen 4: Apolline, Mariette; Renard, Sophie, Marc, Henri; Marielle, Claire, Chloé

Apollne is married to Flavian by maranatah. Flavian wants to marry off 6 children. Mariette, Renard, Sophie, and Marielle just graduated from college.

Cordial Family Master Post

Gen 1: Kimberly, married to Stripe by sixamsims
Gen 2: Haven, married to Jimmy by alleliua
Gen 3: Jeffrey, married to Anne by sixamsims; Coralia, married to Cirrus by ghen; Tullia, married to Roman by boolpropbea
Gen 4: Eliza, Mallory, Henry; Laura, Derek; Daniel, Magenta

Jeffrey's LTW is something boring, I think. Coralia is going to be a witch, to carry on Kimberly's heritage. Tullia wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

Cho Family Master Post

Gen 1: Vivian
Gen 2: Etsu, who had children with Quy (on the left) and Rikuto (on the right)
Gen 3: Qiao (married to Thimble), Reiko (married to Yurikoto), and Takuma (married to Tiang)
Gen 4: Bai, Lim, Yi; Chiyo, Yua, Hayate; Emi, Shiro, Akio

Catalyst/Cleveland Family Master Post

The Cleveland family became the Catalyst family in Gen 2 when Justin took his wife Cassi's last name. Incidentally, I cannot for the life of me find a picture for Cassi. Kenneth of Gen 3 became a quasi-legacy founder. The legacy Gen 2 heir is McKenna.

Gen 1: Jason, Marissa
Gen 2: Kenneth (married to Siri)
Gen 3: McKenna, Roslyn, Eli (who I deleted after he graduated from college)

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